Origin Emulator

With this emulator you can play Origin protected games without Origin. For games that use just the Origin DRM and nothing more - like The Sims 4, It Takes Two, Mass Effect Legendary Edition (after they removed Denuvo) - this emulator is enough to make a crack. If the game uses some additional protection then obviously you have to crack that protection.

Games protected with Origin DRM have some parts of them encrypted. So if you want to use my emulator you have to decrypt/unpack the game exe and add my emu to the import table (just import anadius function from anadius64.dll or anadius32.dll, depending on the exe bitness), preferably as the first import. You can do that with Origin Unwrapper.

Some games (like Star Wars: Battlefront 2) need to be connected to the game server to unlock the DLCs. I don't plan to touch it so don't ask for it.


Included files

  • Origin emu (v1.*).7z
    • anadius32.dll - 32-bit version of the emulator
    • anadius64.dll - 64-bit version of the emulator
    • anadius32online.dll and anadius64online.dll - online modules for the emulator - I made them for The Sims 4. To connect to game server you need a game specific auth token. To get that token you need to have a legit game. With The Sims 4 you could get one if you had The Sims 4 Trial or Create A Sim Demo added to your account, so you could use a throwaway account. Now the base game is free so you can still use a throwaway account. If you don't care about your account getting banned - you can use these dlls with your legit acc. Someone confirmed Star Wars: Battlefront 2 works fine with the online module. But again, if you get banned - don't blame me.
  • example config + tools.7z
    • anadius.cfg - example emulator config with all available features
    • crack config info.txt - emulator config explanation
    • origin_helper_tools.html - helper script with feature set equivalent to my Origin Helper UserScript

Denuvo games

With this emulator you can even play the Denuvo protected games. But you need a valid Denuvo token. This works like those offline activations except you don't give anyone access to your PC and they don't give you access to their account. You just send someone a Denuvo ticket and they send you the Denuvo token back. You get the ticket when you start the game without a valid token. All ticket/token exchanges should take place in PMs! DON'T post them in game threads on CS RIN forum!

If you own a game you can generate tokens using "Generate Denuvo token" feature from origin_helper_tools.html.
You can also get the token from the license downloaded by Origin - for that use "Get info from license" feature from origin_helper_tools.html.