Origin Unwrapper

Origin "wraps" exe files with their DRM. This tool is used to "unwrap" them back to the original state. This is the first step in making a crack. Second step is using Origin Emulator.

Provided binary is 64-bit and requires Windows 8 or newer. If your system is 32-bit or you still use Windows 7 - download the source code instead.



This is a command line program so run it from command prompt. By default it unwraps the exe. For a very limited amount of old games that's enough to make a crack. Newer games require Origin emulator.

To make the exe use my Origin Emulator use origin_unwrapper --add-dll <path to game exe>.

Run origin_unwrapper --help to get all available arguments.

Source code contains additional 3 scripts:

  • dll_adder.py - makes the exe load my Origin emulator; as input it takes the exe unwrapped with Origin Unwrapper without using --add-dll and turns it into one as if --add-dll was used
  • manual_origin_unwrapper.py - unwraps the exe the "manual" way; requires you to own the legit game; I use this for comparing if Origin Unwrapper produces proper exe files
  • trim_sections.py - manually unwrapped exe files have their sections trimmed, exe files unwrapped with Origin Unwrapper don't; this difference doesn't matter and I use this script just for testing if files are 100% the same

Testing new games

This program is still work in progress so it may have bugs. If you want to help me, drop the exe file from a game you own to see if I tested it already or not.


This program wouldn't be possible without the help from: