The Sims 4 download instructions

If you don't know what to use to download/update your game or get the new DLCs - use this page.

What system do you use?

Do you own a legit game (from EA app/Origin/Steam)?

Windows + Legit

There's a huge advantage of having a legit game - you can update it through EA app/Origin/Steam. So if you own a legit game but don't have it installed - install it first. You can set it up in two ways: legit game + pirated DLCs or legit and pirated games in the same folder.

Legit game + pirated DLCs: for this you need to use the DLC Unlocker (v2 is much better and easier to use). Steam version still uses EA app/Origin so the Unlocker will work on it too. Pros: you don't have to wait for the crack; when there's a new DLC you just download it. Cons: you're using your legit account so there's always a risk - nobody got banned since I posted the first version of the Unlocker in March 2020 but I can't say it's 100% safe.

Legit and cracked games in the same folder: make sure your legit game is up-to-date and then use my repack or Sims 4 Updater. They will put the cracked exe in The Sims 4\Game-cracked\Bin\TS4_x64.exe, use it to start the game. Pros: you can play offline, without EA app/Origin. Cons: you need to wait for the crack.

Windows + Cracked

If you don't have the game installed yet - install it with my repack. If you have the game but it's not the newest version (doesn't matter who you got it from) - update it with Sims 4 Updater. If the download speed is too slow - you can also update your game by installing the patch from my repack - just follow the interactive instructions.

No matter if you have a legit or a cracked game, no matter if you want to use the DLC Unlocker or not, you have 3 ways of getting the new DLCs:

Mac + Legit

Use the DLC Unlocker v1 to unlock the DLCs. The download the DLC files from DLC only page.

Mac + Cracked

Cracked version for Mac doesn't exist. All you can find is a Windows version of the game running through Wine/Wineskin/Crossover. I don't have it on my website, try downloading the game from NMac instead. Better solution - get the legit base game, it's free.