Origin Helper

UserScript that adds some features to EA Origin website.

To use this UserScript you need to install some browser extension first.
If you have Firefox, install Greasemonkey.
If you have Chrome, Opera, or anything else Chromium-based, install Violentmonkey.

Origin Helper UserScript

This script adds "Origin Helper" button in the top left corner, which gives you access to these features:

  • Generate Denuvo token - Generate a Denuvo token for people who want to play the game. You need to own the game to generate tokens for it!
  • Get info from license - Get information from license file - license text, encryption key and Denuvo token.
  • Generate emulator config - Generate a configuration file for my Origin Emulator. You can toggle the features, for some games it's pointless to leave them in the config.
  • Get user values for emu - Get legit values that you can put in my Origin Emulator config file. Useful when you want to play your legit save and the game uses your IDs to encrypt it. Or, as in The Sims 4 case, when the game adds your IDs to the items you create.
  • Get game download link - Get download links for games and DLCs you own.
  • Get license file - Get a license file for a specific game and hardware hash. This is for people who want to help me with Origin Unwrapper.